Immigration Attorney Helene Colin

Colin Immigration Law is an Immigration Law Office in San Diego, California dedicated exclusively to practicing U.S. immigration law. We understand how complex the U.S. immigration system is, and are honored to guide you with this difficult and important process.

Meet attorney Helene C. Colin

My family is a family of immigrants. My husband is from Guadalajara, Mexico and my daughter is first generation American. I grew up in Mexico (in Xalapa, Cuernavaca, Mexico City, Tijuana and Rosarito), and am French-American.

I am honored to guide you through this difficult and important process, which I can understand because I myself am an immigrant and am now a naturalized U.S. citizen. It was a long and stressful, but having legal status has changed my life, and now, I am passionate about helping others obtain legal status with great empathy and compassion.

Our Services Include

Family-based immigration (lawful permanent residence or “green card”)

  • Immigration through a relative inside the United States (Adjustment of Status)
  • Immigration through a relative outside the United States (Consular Processing)
  • Removal of Condition on Residence with and without your spouse (joint and waiver)
  • Fiancé Visas

Humanitarian Immigration

  • U Visas for victims of violence crimes
  • VAWA Petitions for victims of domestic violence
  • Removal of condition based on domestic violence
  • Green card based on approved U visa

Green card renewals

Citizenship and Naturalization



  • Unlawful presence Waivers
  • Fraud waivers
  • Alien smuggling waivers
  • Waivers for criminal violations
  • Deportation waivers

DACA renewals

Criminal and immigration background checks

  • FOIA
  • FBI Background Checks
  • State court checks

Options for military families (Parole-in-Place)

Work permits

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